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Stop wondering if you can ship that coat you just sold to an International buyer. ShipSaver is brick and mortar friendly. Pack your shipment, add it manually as an order and get your label and insurance in minutes.

Ship your sold wares with ShipSaver, the service for retailers

But I'm just a small retailer

ShipSaver helps retailers of many sizes get an excellent price on shipping labels and insurance. Ship any package that originates within the United States to any domestic or global address.

Collectible coins & Antiques

Get your labels and insurance for antiques and collectible coins from one place. Using direct or Adult Signature Confirmation you can send necklaces, earrings, watches, rings, etc.

Get Commercial Plus Pricing

There’s no need to establish a customer commitment agreement with USPS, or having to meet designated volume thresholds. All ShipSaver customers get USPS Discounted – Commercial Plus Pricing.

You don't have to sell online to benefit from ShipSaver. Get your labels and insurance for your all in-store sales at once.


Combine Shipments

Sold multiple orders to the same buyer? Combine the orders, get all your labels and a scan form at the same time to simplify your pickups.

Bulk Insurance

Save your orders for the day and insure them all at the same time. No matter what service you used (USPS, UPS, FedEx), insure them in bulk.

Payment History

From the moment you signup, we’ll keep track of all deposits, credits, charges and debits. Monitor your expenses any time, and download a .CSV at the end of the year to file your taxes.

Simplify Your Claims

Shipping problems do arise. You, as the seller, need to be sure you are protected. Filing your claims directly through ShipSaver is quicker, easier, cheaper, and it’s completely done online.

I have been using ShipSaver since 2009, 10 years! I can’t imagine having an online business without them. When I have had claims, they’ve been processed promptly with payment issued also promptly. Customer service has been great. Filing claims is easy. Insuring packages is easy. Try it! You will be as pleased as I am.

Dale O.
ShipSaver Customer since 2009

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