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How to...

Left Menu:
The left menu allows you to access General information and modify your Settings.

General information section:
Orders – View your orders. Displays all your sales transactions. From this page you can print a shipping label.
Shipments – View your shipments. Displays all the packages you’ve shipped using either ShipSaver Labels or any other service. From this page you can purchase insurance, re-print ShipSaver labels, create scan form, request carrier pickup, or void insurance/labels.
Customers – View your customer’s Name, Email Address, and Mailing Address.

Settings information section:
Account – View and edit your Name and Email address. Change your password. Add additional ship from addresses.
Billing – Add/update your payment methods. Deposit funds into your ShipSaver account.
Preferences – View or edit your Shipping Preferences, Insurance Preferences, and Automatic Insurance Rules.
Integrations – View or edit your Marketplace Integrations.
Payment History – View all your transactions, both charges and deposits, which make up your ShipSaver account balance.
Support – View FAQs and tutorials. Contact ShipSaver customer service about your questions or issues.
Tutorial – View a quick “getting started” tutorial.
Balance – You current ShipSaver account balance.

Top, Right Menu:
Your Name – Click your name to view Account, Preferences, and Sign out.
Balance – View your current balance from this page.
Account – View and edit your Name/Email address credentials as well as your Ship From addresses.
Preferences – View or edit your Shipping Preferences, Insurance & Coverage Preferences, Automatic Insurance Rules and Email preferences.
Sign out – Log out of your ShipSaver account.

You can manually add an order from other marketplaces to purchase labels and insurance for your shipments.

From the Orders page, select Add Order.

You will notice a set of instructions on how to enter an order manually for non-integrated channels or marketplaces (eBay or Etsy).

This is the same process you can use to send a gift, or shipment to someone who purchased an item from you outside the already linked marketplaces on your account.

Marketplace field: Enter the name of the marketplace where you sold the item, like “None” or “Facebook.” This label will show in the Channel column, on your Orders page. Using a descriptive channel name will help you sort these out later.

From Shipping Options, select “Create Label.” This way you can complete the shipping workflow more quickly than if you enter the order, save it and go back to purchase a label for the order.

Note you can purchase a label only or a label with insurance.

You can combine items from multiple orders for the same buyer into a single shipment.

Go to the Orders screen.
Use the search field and filter options find the orders.
Select the check boxes to the left of each item.
From the Order Options drown-down, select Purchase Label > Combine and Purchase Label button.

If you are missing some orders or shipments, try using the “Re-sync” button on the main page of the Orders or Shipments pages. Clicking on the “Re-sync” button will refresh your sales and bring in your latest items.

Note: Listings that are over 30 days old will be removed from your sales if they are not insured. If you need to insure one of these items, contact support and they can add the listing to your account.

About Insurance...

To protect against loss or damage, all sold items should be insured when shipped. Shipping problems do arise.

You, as the seller, need to be sure you are protected. Using ShipSaver Insurance allows you to get excellent shipping insurance coverage while using our buying power to get you a considerable discount on the coverage.

You should add insurance to your item the same day that you ship it, up to one day after you ship it.

You have up to one (1) calendar day from when you ship your item until you can insure your item with us. If you shipped your item yesterday, you can still add insurance up to one calendar day after it shipped. However, we recommend you do not delay and add the insurance as soon as possible and/or on the day you ship your item. Once it has been more than one calendar day after the ship date, an item cannot be insured.

Yes! Make sure that your shipping and handling costs is part of your declared value.

For example: If you sell an item for $20.00 and the shipping & handling is $5.00, you can declare a value of $25.00 for coverage. Shipping & handling charges are only recoverable if the value is declared in the insured value. Insurance fees are excluded from coverage.

You can cancel insurance up to one calendar day after the shipment date. To cancel insurance, find the shipment and click on Void insurance from the blue umbrella, to the right of your shipment.

This is entirely up to you. Just as we can’t tell you how to price your items, we can’t tell you how to, or if you should charge for insurance. Many sellers input this cost into their item price or their handling charge. Because our insurance is offered at such a significant discount, it will be easier to include this cost into your listings.

Yes, but these must be sent with the Direct or Adult Only Signature confirmation service!

These items are either very prone to loss or extremely fragile and are commonly not packed and shipped properly. Because of this, they must be shipped with Direct or Adult Signature confirmation and must be signed for at delivery to be covered.

If a signature confirmation service is not available from the carrier, these items cannot be covered. Shipments sent without a carrier provided signature confirmation service are excluded from coverage in their entirety.

Click here to see the full requirements.

Yes, this is one of the great benefits of using ShipSaver to purchase insurance! You can ship your packages via USPS International First Class and be insured! It’s Just $1.00 per $100 of coverage, per package, up to $999.99!

USPS does not offer insurance coverage for this shipping method, so using our insurance is a great way to get the coverage you need. Tracking is required for insurance.

No. At this time only shipments ORIGINATING FROM the US qualify for this insurance. We hope to have international support at a later time.

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