Print Labels & Insure Shipments For Less

No matter if you’re a small company or a large organization. ShipSaver is for you!

E-Commerce Intergration

Get your labels and insurance from all your shipments without leaving your store

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Etsy gives you the freedom to manage your online business. You are now able to purchase labels and insurance from ShipSaver for all of your Etsy sales.


Coming Soon, you will be able to link your BIGCOMMERCE store to purchase labels and insurance from ShipSaver.


Further improve your performance on Shopify by linking your store to ShipSaver. You will not have to go anywhere else for USPS labels and insurance from ShipSaver.
Multiple Accounts​

Do you have multiple stores to manage? No problem! You can add them all to ShipSaver.

Synchronized Orders​

Once your orders are paid, find them in ShipSaver and get your labels and insurance for them.

Insure Multiple Shipments

Save time by combining your shipments and insure them at the same time.

Marketplace Integration

Link all your marketplace accounts to ShipSaver to purchase all labels and insurance from one place

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Filter by shipped or paid status. Set tracking emails to let your buyers’ know shipment’s on the way and what else you have available.


View and manage all your customers’ orders and shipments from one place. Manage all your Etsy shipments with ShipSaver.
PayPal or Credit?

Link your PayPal account or authorize your USD credit card to cover label and insurance costs.

Set the amount and forget it

Set your auto deposit to $20.00 or $50.00. when your funds reach 0.00, this amount will be deposited to your ShipSaver account.

Always use the same shipping service

Set your Default Shipping Services to USPS Letter or any of the 43 USPS services available like Priority Mail (1-3 days) - Large Package, but you can pick any available service for your shipment.

Print on Singles or multiples

Set your default packing slip style for every shipment once. Pick a single or multiple shipment per page. Zebra & Dymo printers are supported.

Free reminders

Receive daily notifications successfully auto-insured shipments for your linked marketplaces and automatically let your customers know their shipment's on the way.

Bulk Insurance

Easily insure multiple shipments without leaving ShipSaver

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Find your shipments

Use the filters to find the shipments you want to insure.

Pick your Shipment

The Shipment Options drop-down lets you select the various shipments to insure in bulk.

Adjust & Insure

Make adjustments to the buyer address or remove one of the shipments and insure.

Payment History

View all your transactions, charges, deposits, credits and debits which make up your ShipSaver account balance

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Deposits & Credits

Take a look at your current balance on ShipSaver and all your deposits, as well as credits for labels or insurance voided over time.

Charges & Debits

Keep track of all your transactions on your Payment History page. All your payments are available in one spot.

Tax Time Reporting

Export a .CSV with all your transactions or filter by Last Year, 7 days or 3 months. With just a few clicks you can see all your payments and be ready for tax time.

Notifications for All

ShipSaver keeps you and your buyers informed on the status of their shipment

Tracking Emails

We’ll notify your customers that a shipment is on the way, and include an easy to use link to track their shipment. As an added feature, these emails also feature your other eBay listings.

Automatic Insurance Messaging

Give your buyers piece of mind, knowing that you’ve purchased insurance for their shipment. also get a separate notification for those that had issues.

Billing Reports

Want to know how much you are spending daily on Shipping and Insurance? Get daily reports for all your label and insurance transactions delivered right to your inbox.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

Print your labels and get shipment insurance from anywhere. ShipSaver detects your screen size and orientation, and changes the layout accordingly.

Support and Success

No matter if you’re a small company or a large organization, our Support team has you covered.

Help and Support

Our Support Team is here to help you and your team get up and running with ShipSaver, and to answer questions or troubleshoot. Our Help Center contains step-by-step instructions on how to use all of ShipSaver’s common workflows.

Shipping somewhere? Get your labels and insurance from ShipSaver

Ship any package that originates within the United States to any domestic or global address.