Flow for Product Teams

Plan, manage and ship your product using flexible tools. Whether you’re a manager taking the 30,000 foot view, or an individual working on a single deliverable, Flow makes it easy to collaborate

Meet Flow: your team’s new home for product development

Create roadmaps that everyone understands

Shine a light on the road ahead using visual project timelines and build a plan using Gantt charts or project calendars.

Plan sprints

Keep up the pace during sprints using Flow’s flexible project views. Organize sections and tasks using a Kanban layout, or view your tasks in list form to power through them one by one.

Launch products

Get everyone together on the same page, plan your product launch, and execute it on time, on schedule, and on budget.

Flow helps you visualize your engineering team's workflow,
and stay on top of all of your projects


A unified tool for managers and contributors

Dive from a 30,000 foot view of your company all the way down into the weeds of an individual project.

Keep everyone in the loop and minimize friction

Selective task subscriptions and dashboards let everyone stay informed without placing extra cognitive load on your team members

Plan robust roadmaps

Get rid of cluttered spreadsheets and give your team a view of the road ahead with clear project timelines.

Run your sprint using flexible projects

Flow supports many different workflow types, letting you run sprints your way.

Get an instant overview of all of your team's projects

Zoom out at any point in time to track your progress, keep workloads manageable, and keep an eye on deadlines.

Cross-team collaboration

Flow makes it easier than ever to manage and work with large or multiple teams by bringing greater visibility into everything happening across groups, departments and projects.

Assign clear, actionable deliverables using tasks

Cut down on ambiguity and hold everyone accountable with clear to-dos and assignments.

Centralize product feedback

Set up a dedicated project to log product feedback and quickly work it into your next sprint.

Task subscriptions

Subscribe to tasks to keep track of what’s important to you.


Save time by quickly subscribing a group of people to a task and filtering views by groups.
We’ve tried every possible product over the years, and Flow is the only tool that has ever stuck.
Adam Saint

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