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Flow helps you stay on top of everything happening in your business. Bring all of your teams and work together in one place, cut down on distractions, and zoom out to see how it all fits together

Meet Flow: one place where your team comes together to track work requests, manage briefs, and collaborate with other teams

Know what's happening at every level of your company

Easily take the 30,000 foot view, or zoom into the details. Flow lets you see everything happening at every level of your organization.

Help every member of your team stay accountable

Get rid of accountability ‘leaks’ by assigning actionable tasks, setting clear deadlines, and keeping track of employee and team workloads.

Email and meeting-free collaboration

Flow streamlines communication by cutting down on distracting notifications, endless email threads, and momentum-killing meetings.

Flow gives you everything you need to run an efficient team — minus the endless meetings and overcomplicated software


Powerful tasks

Keep you and your teams accountable by assigning tasks, subscribing stakeholders, adding due dates, and tracking everyone’s progress.

Resource and workload management

Quickly see who’s overloaded with work and who’s looking for work, and balance task loads as needed.

Project planning

Use visual project timelines to schedule tasks and get a start-end view of your projects in an easy to digest calendar view.

Super-straightforward file sharing

Share files, collect feedback, and iterate, all in one organized, searchable place.

Work requests

Manage and review work requests, prioritize workloads and give focused feedback.

Company goals and roadmap

Visualize goals and milestones across your organization and make sense of the road ahead. Use Project Timelines to see how projects and initiatives fit together.

New employee onboarding

Standardize and simplify your onboarding processes using checklists.

Focus mode

Protect real work time by muting notifications and focusing on the task at hand.
Flow is the perfect solution for our team. It’s intuitive, easy to learn, and has all the functionality we were looking for.

Tim League
Alamo Drafthouse

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